Dr. John Slough, President, Director of Research

Dr. Slough is a recognized world expert in the field of Field Reversed Configuration plasma research. Dr. Slough is currently a Professor in the A&A Department at the University of Washington and director of research at MSNW. He was the principal research scientist on both the TRX and LSX Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) experiments funded by the Dept. of Energy at STI Optronics. Additionally, he has directed the DOE-funded TRAP, STX, PHD and IPA experiments as well as the NASA-funded Plasma Magnet and HPH.

Dr. Anthony Pancotti, Propulsion Research Scientist

Dr. Pancotti has dedicated his career to the development of advanced, mission-enabling spacecraft propulsion through his expertise in design, development, and testing of electric and fusion propulsion systems. He graduated USC with a PHD in Aerospace Engineering and worked several years at the Air Force Research Labs.

Dr. David Kirtley, Propulsion Research Scientist

As an NSF fellow he developed pulsed-plasma and FRC propulsion systems for the Air Force Research Laboratory and MSNW LLC.

Dr. Barry Cornella, Propulsion Research Scientist

Dr. Cornella graduated with his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Throughout his career, he has worked on an array of different projects involving advanced high altitude and spacecraft propulsion, rarefied gas dynamics within radiometric flows, and laser-based gas manipulation and diagnostics.

Dr. Justin Little, Propulsion Research Scientist

Dr. Justin Little graduated Princeton University with a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. As an NDSEG fellow, he combined both theory and experiment to understand the fundamental processes inherent to plasma expansion through a magnetic nozzle.

Mr. Kyle Holbrook, Engineering Technician

Mr. Holbrook has over 12 years of technical laboratory experience. At MSNW, Kyle’s expertise has been key towards development of advanced plasma sources, SOTA pulsed power circuitry, diagnostics, puff valve and vacuum systems. Kyle is J-STD-001 Space Electronics Certified.

Mr. Maxwell Wheeler, Jr. Mechanical Engineer

Max is a mechanical engineer with 4 years of experience. At MSNW, he focuses on space propulsion facility, thruster, and diagnostic development and testing.