MSNW is developing revolutionary space propulsion technologies that will dramatically increase the operational capabilities of spacecraft in traditional roles and enable more ambitious missions. MSNW also conducts cutting edge research into advanced nuclear fusion technologies with the potential to produce competitive commercial energy generation.

Key Programs

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The Electrodeless Lorentz Force (ELF) thruster family has demonstrated operational power levels ranging from 100 Watts to 10 MW. The ELF design is the first steady-state pulsed inductive thruster, and has run continuously for more than 1E8 plasmoids. This design has operated using traditional Electric Propulsion (EP) propellants such as Xenon as well as complex molecular propellants including monopropellants and in-situ resources. MSNW is currently teaming with NASA and the DOD.
The Inductive Plasmoid Accelerator (IPA) demonstrated efficient heating and compression of high energy Deuterium plasmoids to fusion conditions. This technology is capable of being applied to energy generating applications and has been licensed for commercial development. The IPA demonstrated large scale neutron production and fusion-relevant ion temperatures. MSNW are the experts in applying pulsed and RF plasma, pulsed power, and nuclear physics and technologies to solve critical military, aerospace, and civilian needs.