Established in the 1994 for the rapid development of advanced concepts in the areas of plasma technology, fusion physics, nuclear engineering, and space propulsion, MSNW is leading the way in applying plasma science to solve real world problems today. We have assembled a group of scientists and engineers with the knowledge, experience, and know-how to commercialize fusion energy and high-energy density plasma devices.

Core Expertise

  • Fusion Plasmas
  • Plasma Propulsion
  • Neutron Sources
  • Pulsed Power Technologies
  • RF Plasmas
  • Pulsed Plasmas
  • Plasma Chemistry
  • Advanced Physics Applications

Diagnostic Expertise

  • Typical Physical Diagnostics
    • Langmuir
    • Miniaturized magnetic field and flux probes
    • High speed neutral ionization
  • Typical Optical Diagnostics
    • Pulsed laser and microwave interfereometry
    • Neutral and ion doppler
    • Multi-cord Thompson scattering
    • High resolution, high speed spectroscopy
  • Neutron spectroscopy

Testing Capabilities

  • Pulsed power systems – facilities for up to 100 kV, 10 MA, 5 MJ, 100 ns -100 ms
  • Solid state power systems – pulsed, rep-rated, high-voltage, and high-energy systems
  • Vacuum, space, and other high-altitude testingLifetime testing of spacecraft electronic and insulator components
  • Neutron senstivity and lifetime testing
  • Plasma facing components materials interaction
  • Steady, superconducting, and pulsed high field magnet design and testing

Modeling Expertise

  • Magnetohydrodynamic ¬†simulation of space propulsion and fusion plasmas
  • Pulsed power circuits
  • 3-D transient electromagnetic fields and structural response
  • Large deformation structural modeling
  • Neutron spectroscopy and structural interaction